07 March 2012

Hello Imam Malik School!

Hello and welcome to our Moroccan friends!

This web site was created for a previous iEARN project; we participated in a learning circle last year and created an on-line newspaper.  Please feel free to view our web-page while you are waiting for our package to arrive.  If you view all of the posts, you will find information about American singers, some photos taken within 25 miles, (or 40.2336 kilometers), of our school, and some videos made by Craig High School students.

In this post, I would like to highlight a video by a current 11th grader.  He would like you to see his cardistry techniques.  In the video below, Kolya not only performs, but he films himself, creates and mixes the music, and edits the video.  Please enjoy this video and comment below.

1 comment:

  1. Hi our dear American culture exchange partners
    This is me Laila Taik ,an EFL teacher from IMAM MALIK school
    It's really a great job you are doing here!
    I enjoyed how amazingly this student on the video is playing with the cards!!awesome!!
    Still waiting for your box to come....