13 October 2014

The Classroom Survey 2014

NAME OF TEACHER:  Ashley Rubolotta
GRADE LEVEL:  9-12 (ages 14-18)
MUSIC:  Rock, (Selena Gomez, DeadMou5, The Beatles), Rap, (Biggie Smalls, Eminem), Punk, (Echo and the Bunnymen, The Ramones, Rancid, NOFX), Country, (Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift, Faith Hill), Alternative, (The Cure, Maroon 5, Cold Play)
AUTHOR:  George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, Jack London, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Bethany Hamilton
TV PROGRAMS:  South Park, Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Duck Dynasty, Spongebob Squarepants
FOODS:  Pizza, Cheeseburgers and fries, Steak, Sushi, Pasta
SCHOOL SUBJECTS:  Math, History, Literature, Science, Writing
SPORTS:  Basketball, Baseball, Swim, American football, Soccer
VIDEO GAMES:  Mario games, Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed

MOVIES:  Amelie, Fight Club, Citizen Kane, Life is Beautiful, American Beauty
NAME AND ADDRESS OF CLASS AND SCHOOL:  The Craig High School, 310 Lathrop Ave., Boonton, NJ 07005 United States
NUMBER OF STUDENTS IN CLASS AND SCHOOL:  There are 19 students working on this project.
SIZE OF SCHOOL:  Our school is very small.  In fact, we share a space with a larger public high school.  We take up one wing of a larger building.
SCHOOL EMBLEM, COLORS OR MASCOT:  Our school emblem is on our school’s web site.  Here is the address so you can see it.  www.craigschool.org  Our school colors are black and red.  Our mascot is a badger.
TYPE AND NUMBER OF COMPUTERS:  Mrs. Rubolotta has 7 computers in her room.  (All the other teachers have seven computers also.)  Mrs. Rubolotta has HP 6730s laptops.  We also have a media center with 6 Apple Desktop computers.
 SCHOOL HISTORY:  Founded in 1980, The Craig School is an independent, non-profit school responding to the needs of students in 3rd through 12th grades who have diagnosed learning disabilities or difficulty succeeding in a traditional classroom setting. Over the years the school has promoted a solid educational program based on the most recent and effective multisensory classroom techniques, assistive technology, social skills curricula, and organizational methods. The school continues to provide a safe, nurturing learning environment with small structured classrooms, positive student-teacher interaction and strong ties to parents. (Taken from Craig’s web site.)

1.  We have very small classes here at Craig.  Our largest class has 8 students in it.  Also, our students are not all from the same town.  They travel from different towns to attend our school.  And they all get along!
2.  We have unique social opportunities for our students.  We have a Stepping Out program, which is an after-school once a month social field trip to places like the drive-in movie theater or ice hockey games.  We also have a downtown lunch program, where twice a month, (every other Friday), the whole school can visit the local restaurants to enjoy lunch off campus.
3.  We individualize our teaching methods as much as possible.  Each student receives personalized attention from the teachers and our students are taught according to their strengths.  We find out what our students are good at, and then use those skills to help them in the areas of weakness.
LIST SCHOOL CALENDAR FROM THE SESSION DATES THAT MAY AFFECT YOUR PARTICIPATION:  We have off from school on the followng dates:  October 13, 27, November 26-28, December 20-January 4.  We will be taking exams and have half days on November 25, december 2, 3, 4, 19.
NAME OF YOUR COMMUNITY:  Boonton, New Jersey
NAME AND SIZE OF NEARIST CITY:  Boonton is located 13.8 miles from Paterson, NJ.  Patterson used to be a very bustling textile city.   Lincoln Park is also 30 miles from New York City.  New York City is very famous for its theater district and housing the American Stock Market.
LOCATION OF YOUR COMMUNITY:  Boonton is in Morris County, which is in Northern New Jersey.
THE AREA OF YOUR COMMUNITY:  Boonton is 2.56 square miles.
THE POPULATION OF YOUR COMMUNITY:  Boonton has a population of 8,430 according to the 2013 Census count.  
1.  People come to this area because we are close to New York City.  It is cheaper to stay in New Jersey than to stay in New York City.
2.  People come to this area because it is a historic area.  This area was well traveled during the American Revolutionary War.  Our country’s first President, George Washington, stayed in Northern New Jersey when he was planning his attacks against the British Army.
3.  People come to this area because there are a lot of parks and hiking trails in this area.  People also enjoy the changing colors of the leaves during our autumn season.
DESCRIBE ANY UNUSUAL LAND FORMATION IN OR NEAR YOUR COMMUNITY:  The Appalachian Trail runs through part of northern New Jersey.  This is a continuous 2,179 mile trail that goes from Maine to Georgia.  We also live close to the Delaware River, which many people use to fish, canoe, kayak and raft.  There is also a park system of hiking and biking trails, called Patriot’s Path, near by and there are many reservoirs of water near Lincoln Park.
LIST MAJOR INSTUDRIES OR OCCUPATIONS IN YOUR COMMUNITY:  There are many pharmaceutical companies in New Jersey, such as Johnson and Johnson and Merc.  There are also oil refineries located in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The North Jersey District Water Supply Commission is located in Haskell, New Jersey, which is 13 miles from Boonton.  This Commission is responsible for developing, acquiring and operating the water supply for the 12 northern counties in New Jersey. 

05 October 2014

Places and Perspectives

Hello to all our new friends!

+ Christine Hockert ----- Hixson, Tennessee, United States
Manar Dahbi ----- Imzouren, Al-Hoceima, Morocco
Silvina Hualpa ----- Trelew, Chubut, Argentina
Maxim Jordan Dongmo Ymelong ----- Dschang/Bafou, Cameroon
Olga Klepinina ----- Kirov, Russia
Ashley Rubolotta ----- Boonton, New Jersey, United States
Gheorghe Taran ----- Causeni, Moldova
Scott Tuffiash ----- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Sydney Valerio ----- Thiells, New York, United States
Ardyth Watson ----- Manlius, New York, United States
Mostafa Zahir ----- Tiznit, Souss Massa Daraa, Morocco

We are excited to be sharing in the "Places and Perspectives" Learning Circle for the fall/winter session of 2014.  We have created this page for previous iEARN projects, and would like if you can see what we have done in the past.  We will be posting new information about this project as time goes by.  Please stop by often to see what we are up to!

07 March 2012

Hello Imam Malik School!

Hello and welcome to our Moroccan friends!

This web site was created for a previous iEARN project; we participated in a learning circle last year and created an on-line newspaper.  Please feel free to view our web-page while you are waiting for our package to arrive.  If you view all of the posts, you will find information about American singers, some photos taken within 25 miles, (or 40.2336 kilometers), of our school, and some videos made by Craig High School students.

In this post, I would like to highlight a video by a current 11th grader.  He would like you to see his cardistry techniques.  In the video below, Kolya not only performs, but he films himself, creates and mixes the music, and edits the video.  Please enjoy this video and comment below.

20 January 2011

Thank you again!

We wanted to thank all the other schools for their input and participation in our project.  We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the relationships we built. 

If you have a moment, please visit the finished project page to check our our finished projects.

Feel free to leave comments here and let us know what you think!

07 December 2010

Thank you to all the other groups!

We have now entered our student writing section on the learning circle project.  We have received great information from some of our friends in Romania and Florida and Indonesia.  We will now be using that information to write articles, poems and songs, as well as create some of our own political cartoons.

We will be putting all of this work into our section of the international newspaper.  This newspaper will be complete in January and we will then be able to see all of the other sections of the newspaper that our friends have been working on.  We will post some previews as soon as possible.  Be sure to check back in a few weeks to check on our progress!

28 November 2010

Woody Guthrie- American Folk Singer

This is American folk singer Woodie Guthrie. He is singing his song "This Land is your Land." He wrote this song in 1940. Guthrie's melody was very similar to a Baptist gospel hymn that had been recorded by the Carter Family.

Neil Young Interview

This is an interview with American musician Neil Young. He shares his thoughts on politics and how politics influence his music.